Canal Fulton CrossFit


Canal Fulton CrossFit is a locally owned community based fitness concept run by real people. In the crazy times, we feel we can make an impact, we aim to focus on the big picture of using fitness coaching along with habit-forming to help you finally breakthrough.

We have 20+ classes per week. Most classes are 1 hour, they are a full body workout, focused on 10 elements of fitness that includes Endurance, Strength, Flexibility and Power to name a few. We keep our program constantly varied, to keep things constantly fun.

Intensity is based on YOU, the individual, making the workout effective for any fitness levels.

When attending a class you'll feed off the energy of the room, with a coach leading the class, demonstrating the movements and guiding you along the way from the warm-up, thru the workout, to the cool-down. This ensures you get the needed stimulus, while maximizing recovery and preventing overtraining and injury.


Simply put - Personal relationships and environment.

With all the noise and options out there it's likely you'll find a number of places that claim to have the best approach to fitness. What most of them forget is that results have more to do with habits and consistency than it does the exact science.

While we've paid our dues, know the science and have the credentials, we know the easiest way to get results is to change behavior, and to change behavior you have to change the environment.

So we put our muscle into the community and people, each member is like a building block. We foster relationships because we know - just like the roots of redwood trees, people are stronger when they bond together.
655 Elm Ridge Ave Unit 1
Canal Fulton, OH 44614 (view larger map)